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April 22, 2015


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Betty Wilkerson

Hi Carmen,
This is Betty from Blue Grass. I have been following your book site all along and love it. Have a good book to recommend to you: "Surrendered" by Chang Rae-Lee. It is a real page turner and I read it in record time.

I've read several that you suggested too and find that we do, indeed, enjoy the same type of books. FUN! I'm in the book club with Sharon Brooks and she enjoyed "Surrendered" too.


Janice Retzlaff

Hi Carmen: Enjoyed so much my visit with the BJ Reading Group and could barely wait to check out your blog. Fabulous! I have already perused some of these books and have others on my "soon-to-be-read" list. Especially enjoyed so many facets of Saturday Night Widows. At the time, I thought I'd like to start such a group of my own!

Am looking forward to our next get-together. Jan

jim mullins

hi Carmen, Dick Sabbe wanted to contact you so I gave him your website.he was having trouble so If you get this maybe you could send him an email at [email protected].
Thanks, Jim Mullins

Matthew Radzius

Hi Carmen, Love the website and reviews. I'm a fellow book lover. Reading the reviews I see a few I'll need to check out, literally. Here are a few of my favorites: Jaybar Crow, Silence, Lonesome Dove, The Orchardist, Peace Like a River, High Divide. Those are my top books in no particular order. All the Light we Cannot See is there too, but that has been reviewed I see. Happy reading.

Bev Damos

Hi Carmen,
I love reading your blog. Thanks for doing this. I add your books to my "TBR" stack.

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  • I'm glad you are here!
    All the titles I write about are ones I have read and liked, and believe friends will enjoy, too. I do read many other books, too, and will recommend only the good ones. I guess you can take the librarian out of the library, but you can't keep the librarian from "selling" books. When you find a good title I haven't discovered, please add a comment following any post, or email me at [email protected]. Many thanks to those of you who stick with me. I appreciate your feedback a lot!
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