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March 03, 2009


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After hearing from several people that this book was thought of as controversial, I delayed opening the pages of it but now after reading The Shack there should have been no hesitation on my part.

There is some thinking outside of the box but isn't that the stuff that makes us grow, to get past the preconceived notions, neat and tidy pigeon holed categories that we as humans are capable of understanding. There is so much more and it is ok that we don't know it because God does, this is called faith. Who wouldn't want to run into the arms of God, count me in. Into love, mercy, grace...a relationship.

In a twinkling of an eye, just a moment of time, a tragic story unfolds about a beloved daughter and sister. There is no one left unaffected, no one, even if it's a passing thought. But there is hope.

Definition of Hope - to desire with some confidence of fulfillment.

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