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March 27, 2009


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Definitely a Court TV lover's dream of a book. A high profile case of murder, detectives, investigators, lawyers, courtroom procedures, twists and turns revealing suspect after suspect.

A plethora of conversations keeps this novel fast paced, easy reading. Although this does not give the reader any insight into the characters themselves. They are nondescript.

The safe and tidy finale gives one a "justice will prevail" frame of mind. And a little surprise tucked in there never hurts.

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  • I'm glad you are here!
    All the titles I write about are ones I have read and liked, and believe friends will enjoy, too. I do read many other books, too, and will recommend only the good ones. I guess you can take the librarian out of the library, but you can't keep the librarian from "selling" books. When you find a good title I haven't discovered, please add a comment following any post, or email me at johncarmf@gmail.com. Many thanks to those of you who stick with me. I appreciate your feedback a lot!
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